The donor-egg process, where do I start?

A brief guide to the donor-egg process  It took me 2 years to choose my egg-donor. I went round and round in circles due to being in complete emotional overwhelm. Now that I’m a very happy and proud donor egg mama, my goal is to help determined women considering a donor-egg pathway to feel clear and confident on their journey to create the family of their dreams. Your child’s conception story How do you feel about disclosing your child’s conception story to your child, family and friends? You...

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Donor Egg Options in 2021 in Australia

Most likely you have been through many devastating rounds of failed IVF cycles to get to the point where you have been advised that your best option for a healthy baby is to use an Egg Donor. This is what happened to me and it was hard to accept it at the time. I was super lucky and concieved my son after my first donor egg transfer. This isn't the case for everyone. We went into the process thinking we would give ourselves three cycles. Back in 2016 there were no restrictions on overseas...

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What NO Wine?

I know this isn’t great news for anyone let alone when you are going through the misery of a fertility journey. Life is pretty tough when you are trying to conceive at the best of times. However it’s good to understand a bit deeper why the likes of vino and other stimulants should be reduced or avoided all together and then you can make your own mind up. The good news is, it's only for a season of your life and not forever. Most of these substances need to be avoided during pregnancy so just...

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Get to Know Your Fertile Mucus

Yes I did just say that. Once you understand the fertile signs that your body is showing you via your vaginal discharge you can know the best time to make love in order to maximise your chances of conception. What do I need to look for? Fertile mucus feels slippery and is pretty abundant. You feel wet in your pants at times during the day. If you touch the mucus it can be stretched between thumb and finger. It looks a bit like the same consistency as raw egg white and is usually clear in...

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Top 10 Post Natal Tips

1. It takes a village to bring up a child. During times like this during a world pandemic, we can be more isolated than normal. It is ok to reach out for support and to connect with other mums going through the same thing. Find your community and support network wherever you are in the world. 2. Some women experience a very different birth story to what they had imagined and need some healing to help with this. I highly recommend The Parents Village or another type of counselling service...

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adele oconnor nurture mama

Hello, I’m Adele O’Connor.

I’m an IVF Warrior and proud donor egg mama.

Also known, at times, for my cheeky english humour.

My own difficult fertility journey led me to want to support you with yours.

I’ve experienced endless negative pregnancy tests, month after month that dragged me into a cycle of grief and despair.

If you are struggling with a fertility journey (using your own eggs or Donor Egg IVF) or anxious pregnancy/ early parenting journey I would love to help you with practical steps and a healing pathway.

Please reach out for a complimentary consult to ask any questions and get a feel for what coaching program would best suit you.

Adele x