Donor Egg IVF Self Care tips and lining preparation

  Tips to improve your lining and self-care during your DE IVF cycle. So it's a super exciting time in your Donor Egg IVF journey, you've found your  wonderful donor, you've synchronised your cycles, her eggs have been collected and possibly tested and you are super happy and grateful that you have some wonderful healthy looking embryos to transfer. So of course you want to do everything and anything that you can to best prepare your womb lining for embryo transfer. So what helps?...

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Think you can’t get pregnant over 45? You’re wrong!

Think you can't get pregnant over 45? You're wrong. Let me tell you why you’re wrong! When you opt for a donated egg from a wonderful egg donor, your chances of pregnancy as a maturer mum increase dramatically. In fact I know many women who have become first time mums at 50 too. There are a myriad of reasons why rounds of IVF using your own eggs didn’t work, often for women tying in their 40’s the decline of egg quality is the main factor. When you opt for a donor egg pathway, you will be the...

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Will I bond with my Egg-Donor-conceived baby?

Fears and insecurities when considering using a Donor-Egg Pathway. "I'm worried that I won't bond with my Egg-Donor conceived baby? I get asked this question a lot. Many women feel really worried about whether they will bond in the same way with a baby when conceived by donor eggs/ and or donor sperm versus own eggs/sperm. This worry can surface strongly when a woman is going  down an egg donor pathway for reasons of secondary infertilty. She has a child already with her own eggs and then has...

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Am I the Real Mum? Donor-Egg anxiety

Fears and insecurities when considering using a Donor-Egg Pathway. But am I the ‘real’ Mum?   As a Fertility Coach specialising in supporting women considering a donor-egg pathway, I’ve heard this question voiced by many women.   This often links in with the fear of ‘will I bond with my donor conceived baby?’.   Does this one donated cell have the power to stop you feeling like the mum of your child?   The simple answer is no.   You are the Mum/Mom/Mama and will be...

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Donor-Egg Pathway Anxiety

When negative thoughts get in the way. Here’s a sneak peak into some of the panicky thoughts running through my head when I was in the thick of my donor-egg journey. Yep my hubby caught me in full worry mode one day during our donor egg cycle in Cape Town back in 2016. “What if Donor Egg IVF doesnt work?” “I can barely afford the costs of IVF, what if it doesn’t work?” “What if my child bares no resemblance to me or my husband, will my child feel like they belong in our family?” “What if even...

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adele oconnor nurture mama

Hello, I’m Adele O’Connor.

I’m an IVF Warrior and proud donor egg mama.

Also known, at times, for my cheeky english humour.

My own difficult fertility journey led me to want to support you with yours.

I’ve experienced endless negative pregnancy tests, month after month that dragged me into a cycle of grief and despair.

If you are struggling with a fertility journey (using your own eggs or Donor Egg IVF) or anxious pregnancy/ early parenting journey I would love to help you with practical steps and a healing pathway.

Please reach out for a complimentary consult to ask any questions and get a feel for what coaching program would best suit you.

Adele x