Donor Egg IVF Self Care tips and lining preparation

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Tips to improve your lining and self-care during your DE IVF cycle.

So it’s a super exciting time in your Donor Egg IVF journey, you’ve found your  wonderful donor, you’ve synchronised your cycles, her eggs have been collected and possibly tested and you are super happy and grateful that you have some wonderful healthy looking embryos to transfer.

So of course you want to do everything and anything that you can to best prepare your womb lining for embryo transfer.

So what helps?


To prepare for implantation planning ahead for
seven days of warming and nourishing foods will
really help prepare your uterus.

Think slow cooked stews, broths, soups, add some warming foods
such as ginger and cinnamon to your diet.

Indulge in plenty of cooked Kale, Spinach and leafy greens.

Enjoy carrots, pumpkin and other orange vegetables.

Eat plenty of good fats such as sunflower and sesame seeds.

Avoid cold or raw foods 

Enjoy plant based protein

Enjoy gluten free grains such as quinoa and brown rice.

 Red rasberry leaf tea is a uterine tonic and can be good for implantation.

Good quality omega 3’s are great for implantation and pregnancy

 Take the same mindset you would if you were pregnant and avoid food groups such as raw fish, soft cheese, salad bar food etc.

Avoid processed food, junk food, alcohol and caffeine.


Be prepared. IVF can really take it’s toll mentally.

Discuss with your FS in advance what can be typical set backs. Knowledge is power.

Even the toughest cookies can crumble during an IVF cycle and that is ok.

If you are not used to feeling out of control or vulnerable IVF can put you way out of your comfort zone.

Take mental breaks from obsessing over outcomes, falling down the google rabbit hole.

It’s ok to not be ok when you are going through IVF.

But if you are starting to feel this way consistently then seek help from a fertility coach.

Seek out fun and laughter, listen to some comedy, watch some uplifting movies, try out laughing yoga.

Having a good laugh can really help to reset your emotions.

Get plenty of sleep and rest, at least 8 hours a night.

Not only will it help you mentally but sleep is essential for hormonal health.



Enjoy beautiful walks in nature and gentle yoga

Avoid high intensity exercise, you just don’t want to stress the body too much.

Take the same mindset as if you were already pregnant.

Acupuncture can be wonderful to prepare the lininng for embryo transfer


Give yourself 100% permission to say NO to any social events that may trigger you/ or you just don’t feel like going to, during your IVF cycle It’s ok to unfollow friends or family on social media or in real life who have just announced their pregnancy.

Plan social events that you feel comfortable doing.

Surround yourself with people who support your journey and who make you feel uplifted.

If you need to have a good cry and a cup of tea with your bestie then reach out to her.

She will feel happy to know that she can support you.

Planning a few nourishing social events during the two week wait can be a helpful distraction.


Accept that you don’t have to be perfect and do ‘all the things’ to help yourself have a successful cycle.

Do what resonates with you and your lifestyle and take the pressure off of yourself.

Plan a support system around you for  part of the cycle. IVF can feel really isolating but you don’t have to go through it alone.

Do what feels right intuitively for you and your budget


Explore meditation, this can be a wonderful way to connect to your higher self, calm your mind and ground your energy. There are some fantastic fertilty meditations on you tube.

Connect with nature; a walking meditation surronded by the soothing colours and sounds of forest or ocean view can raise your vibration.

Practice gratitude for everything that you love in your life. List 5 things daily. This can also help to attract what you want to manifest.

Consider trying a holistic/spiritual therapy such as reiki. It will help you energetically and open you up to recieve divine guidance. If you follow a religious faith, group prayer and opening up to support from your community can be very nourishing to the soul.


 Keep an IVF journal, writing out how you are feeling, really helps to cleanse your body of these emotions. It’s ok, to not be ok, during an IVF cycle especially in the lead up to implantation.

Expect to have really ‘down’ days and ‘up’ days.

Seek support. Most IVF clinics offer free counselling as part of their service.

Would it help you to find a fertility coach? A fertilty coach is a specialist coach who has often walked a similar journey to you and can help you reframe how you feel about your fertility.

Do you feel safe to share your journey with a friend, colleague or family?


Written by Adele O’Connor 

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