My wish is to help you on your journey throughout the many transitions of womanhood

Hello, I’m Adele O’Connor.

I’m an IVF Warrior and proud donor egg mama. My own difficult fertility journey led me to want to support you with yours.

I don’t share my story for sympathy but just so that you know I have full empathy for your unique journey.

( you can read more of my story here)

Eight years on I have done much healing and self-work and am now here to support other women going through their own unique experiences through nurturing massage and coaching services.

If you are struggling with a fertility or anxious pregnancy/ early parenting journey I would love to help you.

Please reach out for a free 30 mins chat to ask any questions about the coaching services that I offer.

If you are local to Sydney you are welcome to book in for a massage too.

Want a chat?

Book in for a free 15 min no obligation chat.

Ask me any questions and get a feel for my style of coaching.