“My only wish is to help you on your journey throughout the many transitions of womanhood”

Adele O’Connor

I’m your therapist Adele O’Connor.

If you are TTC, pregnant, menopausal or just after some self-care massage.

You are in the right place.

It took me four long years to conceive my son.

Although IVF played a major role, both Fertility and Pregnancy Massage helped me feel supported and calm throughout my conception and pregnancy journey.

Massage combined with guided meditation and affirmations for me was a very powerful coping tool.

My wish now is to provide you with the same powerful coping tools and level of support that I received.

As any busy mum, it’s a continuous balance to fill my self-care cup. Massage does the trick for me.

What do you do to fill your self-care cup?

If you need a nurturing massage that meets your exact needs.

Book here to make your appointment.

I look forward to welcoming you at my practice soon.

Much love