Even though it felt hard to discuss my feelings, I always felt a big weight was lifted off my shoulders after each session with Adele.

Aisling (Freedom Fertility Formula Coaching Client)

My wish as a proud donor egg mama, is to help you find joy. Whatever that may look like.

Hello, I’m Adele O’Connor.

and I want to tell you a story.

A familiar story, a girl meets a boy and falls in love. Except the girl was 40 and the boy was 44.

Two years later…boy and girl get engaged and try for a baby. Except it doesn’t work, tests reveal girl’s eggs are well and truly hard boiled.
Girl is in denial of the biological clock and tries everything under the sun from goat placenta capsules to fertility acupuncture.

Girl travels to Bali for fertility healing retreat and ends up at an IVF clinic in Cape Town where girl and boy finally conceive with the help of a wonderful egg donor angel.

Every fertility journey is different but we all experience pain and trauma along the way.

I made many mistakes and wasted a lot of time, energy and cash.

Since my journey started 8 years ago I am now on the other side of it and 100% dedicated to cheer leading women like you, who are in the thick of it.

My mission in this world is to help you.

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