“The most important qualification for a massage therapist is an ability to listen with heart and soul”

Adele O’Connor


Fertility Massage Practitioner Refresher 2019 – Edwina Taylor

Fertility Massage UK Certificate 2016 – Claire Spink

Post-Natal Massage Therapy Certificate, Pregnancy Massage Australia

Nurture Life
Practitioner Certification, Pregnancy Massage Australia 2014

Undergraduate in Diploma of Counselling with Australian College of Applied Psychology 2013

Basic Counselling Certificate, 2008

Core Body Therapy 2008-2019

Myofascial Massage
Foundations, Jaw, Pelvis, Foam Roller

Kahuna Massage 1 &
2, Mette Institute, 2006

Diploma Sports
Athlete Services (ACNT) 2006

Diploma in
Reflexology ( ICCT) 2003

Cerificate in Spiritual Healing 2002

USUI System of Reiki 2002

BA 1994


ATMS – Massage Association Practitioner Member since 2006

Pregnancy Massage Australia since 2014

Accreditied Health Care Provider with all Health Funds