“dedicated to supporting your emotional well-being wherever you are, in your womanhood journey.”

Adele O’Connor 




I can help you to nurture yourself in two ways:

Sydney Massage Therapist
online fertility ivf coaching

I specialise in supporting women through their Fertility journey and into Pregnancy and/or Otherhood. What’s Otherhood? Sadly not all Fertility journeys end with a baby and I am here to help you navigate your emotions as you explore new pathways of being. Or perhaps having a family isn’t on your agenda yet and/or never was/ will be.

So whether you are after Fertility, Pregnancy, Remedial massage or my Coaching services I am here to support you with nurturing, practical help to support you in your self-care.

Nurture Mama Fertility Coaching and Prenatal Massage Sydney

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with all that you do for your loved ones and feel like you have nothing left to give?

Is Self-Care Really Important?

“Studies show that women who dedicate time to consistent self-care are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and heart disease.” WHO Study 2013


At Nurture Mama I am dedicated to supporting women’s self-care wherever you are, in your womanhood journey.

Women need to nurture themselves in many ways:

Emotionally; Physically; Mentally and  Spiritually are just a few.

 I can help you to nurture yourself in two ways: nurturing bodywork and nurturing coaching support.

Looking after your Fertility Needs.

  • You just want to have a baby.
  • Your infertility struggle is impacting your life and you have lost sight of the woman that you once were.
  • Your journey has stolen all of the joy out of life. 
  • You are feeling left behind whilst everyone around you seems to be starting or completing their family.



Support during Pregnancy.

  • Seeing the two pink lines on the pregnancy test does not leave you with unequivical joy.
  • You feel conflicted emotions.
  • You have experienced trauma and or grief.
  • You are struggling with how you are feeling and need some guidance.


Nurture Mama’s Secret Guide to Self-Care

It’s never too late to discover the secrets to self-nurture. Not only improve your life but everyone that you care for too. The self-nurture ripple effect magnifies the more you do it. Let me help you break free from the overwhelm and worry zone. Find your calm place, feel empowered and enjoy life