Is your fertility journey impacting your life in all of the wrong ways?

I’m Adele O’Connor and I’m here to support you through fertility and pregnancy with my online coaching programs.

For soul led couples navigating a donor egg pathway, I’ve developed a range of coaching options and programs of support as well as a podcast jam packed with useful information. 

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Support for your emotional well being regardless of your journey

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"We all know how to treat physical cuts and bruises but how about our emotional wounds?"

Book an Emotions First Aid session with me to explore how you can heal your emotional wounds.

Like any first aid session it’s about:

  • Stopping the pain.
  • Dressing the wounds.
  • Getting help.

I’ll invite you to tell me everything about your journey.

I’ll teach you grounding techniques and share some insights about what it means to be in an ’emotional’ emergency state.

After the call you’ll receive a written strategy tailored to you.

This will outline a  road map of how I can help you live life more fully whilst going through this difficult season in your life.

What You Get

  • 90 mins 1:1 online support via zoom.
  • 90 page printable journal full of exercise and insights.
  • Unique strategy pdf emailed to you to help you see your way forward out of pain.
  • $150 credit towards a 16 week coaching program of your choice.

“this journey has been life changing and at last I have broken the cycle of shame when it comes to talking about emotions in my old school family”

Aisling – Freedom Fertility Formula Coaching Client