A letter to my future baby

Have you ever considered writing a letter to the baby that you are longing to have in your life? This is a great manifestation tool for women who are on a fertility journey. The process of writing a letter to your future child in the present tense is signalling to your brain that this is something that is happening. Plan a time to do this. Make yourself a nice environment. Perhps burn some essential oils such as tangerine or peppermint. Play some ambient music. Get a cup of tea. Ground your...

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A letter to my womb

Have you ever considered writing a letter to your womb? I know it sounds a bit crazy. However it is a great manifestation tool for women who are on a fertility journey or a healing journey. The womb is our seat of creativity. It is where our sacral chakra is located. This energy is all about new life and new beginnings. Using our creative writing skills to tap into the depth of our soul and connect to our womb through written word is a powerful tool. Plan a time to do this. Make yourself a...

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How I came across Fertility Massage

Desperate to find something to nurture my body, mind and soul whilst going through IVF, I happened across Clare Spink founder of Fertility Massage UK. She was running a Fertility Massage retreat in Bali. The timing was perfect. Fertility retreat in August. My first and possibly last ever IVF cycle in October. My husband and I had made a huge decision to travel to South Africa for egg donor IVF. We had endured 4 years of IVF cycles with my own eggs in Sydney and we were nearing the end of our...

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Self-care is not..

Pushing through continuously until you actually fall on your face! Do you push and push and push yourself?  Giving to others.  Striving to fit it all in?  Sometimes our lives can be so busy that you literally forget about yourself.  I put my hand up. I used to be dreadful at this. I learnt my lesson and am getting better. When we don’t stop to give back to ourselves some drastic stuff can happen.  We start to burn out. A domino...

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Depression and Me

It was 1993 I was working in a recruitment company in London. I used to be the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. If ever the boss wanted to see me I was convinced I was going to be sacked. It wasn’t because I was bad at what I did, far from it, I was just extremely anxious. I didn’t realise that the white sweat marks that used to run from my under arm almost to my waist was a physical sign of my anxiety (I thought that I just hadn’t yet found the right deodrant). Nobody knew of...

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adele oconnor nurture mama

Hello, I’m Adele O’Connor.

I’m an IVF Warrior and proud donor egg mama.

Also known, at times, for my cheeky english humour.

My own difficult fertility journey led me to want to support you with yours.

I’ve experienced endless negative pregnancy tests, month after month that dragged me into a cycle of grief and despair.

If you are struggling with a fertility journey (using your own eggs or Donor Egg IVF) or anxious pregnancy/ early parenting journey I would love to help you with practical steps and a healing pathway.

Please reach out for a complimentary consult to ask any questions and get a feel for what coaching program would best suit you.

Adele x