Will I bond with my Egg-Donor-conceived baby?

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Fears and insecurities when considering using a Donor-Egg Pathway.

“I’m worried that I won’t bond with my Egg-Donor conceived baby?

I get asked this question a lot.

Many women feel really worried about whether they will bond in the same way with a baby when conceived by donor eggs/ and or donor sperm versus own eggs/sperm.

This worry can surface strongly when a woman is going  down an egg donor pathway for reasons of secondary infertilty.

She has a child already with her own eggs and then has struggled conceiving her next child.

The very definite answer is YES in both cases you will bond with your egg-donor conceived baby.

The reason I can so confidently tell you this is, because you are already connecting and bonding with your baby in your fertility journey and this naturally continues throughout your pregnancy.

By the time your baby is born you are attached and bonded and ridiculously in love in every way possible with this baby.

Let’s face it, you’ve yearned for this baby for so many years.

This baby has been in your heart for a long time now.

You’ve already been making sacrifices in your life and are doing things for this baby at every step of your fertility journey.

You you are investing your time, emotional and physical energy in research and FS appointments, adjusting diet and adhering to medical protocols.

You’re taking the shots and all of the fun stuff that comes with an IVF cycle.

When you finally get your BFP you are again making more sacrifices, adjusting your diet to ensure the best outcomes for your pregnancy, adjusting your whole life style.

You plan for your baby’s arrival, you feel your baby growing in your womb, you experience all of the highs and lows of pregnancy.

You invest more time and money with your health care providers.

All of these sacrifices and pouring of energy creates a very strong attachment to your baby.

Once your baby is in your arms you are so bonded and from that moment onwards the already strong bond just gets deeper and deeper.

I hope this helps to eliminate any fears around bonding with your Donor-Egg conceived child.

Sending love to you in this moment and please feel free to reach out if I can help in any way.


Written by Adele O’Connor 

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