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What’s The Freedom Fertility Formula?

Dany Griffiths is my mentor and teacher of the wonderful coaching programs that I offer.

Her mission is to put emotional empowerment at the heart of mental health.

I am a proud Freedom Fertility and Family Formula Specialist.

FERTILITY – For those struggling to conceive she has created the Freedom Fertility Formula™, the aim of which is to reduce the mental anguish of (in)Fertility, to improve lives and pregnancy success. There is also support for loss, the decision to stop trying, IVF and other assisted methods and early pregnancy.

FAMILY – The Freedom Family Formula™ provides a ‘healing journey to parenthood’ for anyone who is pregnant, or their partner is, and they are struggling emotionally. What better time to take back emotional control than when preparing to bring a new baby into your life?

FEELING ZONE – Become part of my ‘Feel Right Emotional Empowerment’ Movement focused on improving mental and emotional wellness globally with my new paradigm for processing emotions.

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