Think you can’t get pregnant over 45? You’re wrong!

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Think you can’t get pregnant over 45? You’re wrong.

Let me tell you why you’re wrong!

When you opt for a donated egg from a wonderful egg donor, your chances of pregnancy as a maturer mum increase dramatically.

In fact I know many women who have become first time mums at 50 too.

There are a myriad of reasons why rounds of IVF using your own eggs didn’t work, often for women tying in their 40’s the decline of egg quality is the main factor.

When you opt for a donor egg pathway, you will be the recipient of an egg from a wonderful woman, medically screened in her 20’s up to 35 years old.

These amazing women who opt to be egg donors go through fertility testing, medical screens and once matched with an intended parent go through a similar IVF process that you would have been through yourself.

There are many types of donor relationships. It’s up to you to go with what feels right for you and your family, known donor, open donor or anonymous donor or something in between.

Different countries have different donor regulations so there’s a fair bit of research to do if you’re considering a clinic overseas.

If you’re open to some advice, mine is, be selective with your donor and clinic, make sure you have the medical support that you need, a medical protocol that is specific to your needs and plan to give it three cycles.

On top of that it’s really important to be comfortable with being open about your conception choices with your future child and family. There is no shame in using a donor-egg.

Be confident about regularly telling your child from a baby onwards their conception story so that for them it is just their norm. The main thing to avoid is a big announcement at some stage when they are old enough to understand as this could cause them confusion and unecessary trauma.

A point of care that often gets missed is emotional support.

You don’t need to suffer in silence.

If you’re struggling in anyway with coming to terms with using a donor-egg to create or complete your family then I’d love to help.

I support determined women considering a donor egg pathway to break free from the overwhelm of fear, grief and the unknown by guiding them to a place of certainty and confidence to build the family of their dreams. With practical steps and a healing pathwa

Sending love to you in this moment and please feel free to reach out if I can help in any way.

Written by Adele O’Connor

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