Donor Egg Options in 2021 in Australia

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Most likely you have been through many devastating rounds of failed IVF cycles to get to the point where you have been advised that your best option for a healthy baby is to use an Egg Donor.

This is what happened to me and it was hard to accept it at the time.

I was super lucky and concieved my son after my first donor egg transfer. This isn’t the case for everyone. We went into the process thinking we would give ourselves three cycles.

Back in 2016 there were no restrictions on overseas travel. You could choose from a plethora of donor egg agencies and IVF clinics all over the world.

How things have changed.

In 2021 with international borders closed and quarantine in place it is a very different scenario.

However there are women who are still travelling overseas as far as Cape Town and Spain for donor egg transfer and going through quarantine on their return to Australia hopefully pregnant.

The costs of travel are much higher and business class can be a more reliable option.

Check out the facebook groups and website run by @diannejohnston called for heaps of information on donor eggs.

There is also Egg Donation Australia

Bub Hub is an australian fertility forum that also covers all things to do with IVF and beyond.

Options to consider:

Is there someone in my family or community who is aged 20-35 who may consider donating their eggs to me?

You can place an ad looking for an egg donor around your local community on notice boards, at preschools, day-care centres, universities, or TAFE etc.

In Australia it’s illegal to pay someone for ‘egg donation’ other than covering the costs involved of them going through the IVF donor process. This can include, time off work, counselling as well as fertility clinic appointments, scans and the egg pick procedure.

There are a lot of things to consider when using a ‘known’ donor. What kind of relationship you and your future child may want to have with the donor and how involved the donor may want or not want to be in your future child’s life.

It is always best to seek professional advice and for both parties to have counselling around these sensitive subjects.

The world Egg Bank

Using an IVF centre that is partnered with an egg bank such as Central IVF or City Fertility
There are also independant companies that offer assistance to navigate the donor egg journey such as Donor Eggs Australia

Seeing a fertility counsellor is highly recommended throughout the journey. There are lots of things to consider and emotions that arise.

One question that comes up constantly is ‘will I be able to bond with my baby’. I can tell you that every woman that I know who has questioned this has had no problems bonding at all. You are borrowing one cell from a donor and your blood, your epigenetics, your everything else is creating that baby.

This page will continue to be updated.

Wishing you all the luck and love on your journey.

It takes a village to make a baby as well as raise a baby. Make sure that you are well supported on your journey.

Adele xox

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