Top 10 Post Natal Tips

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1. It takes a village to bring up a child. During times like this during a world pandemic, we can be more isolated than normal. It is ok to reach out for support and to connect with other mums going through the same thing. Find your community and support network wherever you are in the world.

2. Some women experience a very different birth story to what they had imagined and need some healing to help with this. I highly recommend The Parents Village or another type of counselling service to help deal with this trauma.

3. Post natal depression is a very real concern for new mums especially with everything being online and the feelings of isolation intensified. PANDA is a fantastic support network.

4. Aim for at least a monthly massage. Motherhood is super demanding on the body and soul and regular self -care helps you to thrive rather than survive.

5. Be gentle with yourself. This is a huge new chapter in your life and can be very overwhelming.

6. Book in for a physio check up. A good way to get back into some gentle exercise is a mums and bubs pilates classe. In sydney I recommend  Women in Focus

7. Once you are ready to get back into fitness and it is safe for you to do so find a specialist trainer who has a mums and bubs option. My Sydney recommendation is Jack and his team at Fit Mamma

8. Sleep can be challenging during those early days. Your sleep pattern can become so disrupted that you can suffer from insomnia even when you are super tired. These natural sleep supplements helped me Swisse Sleep Support

9. It’s so great to have a Doula to support you during your pregnancy and postnatally and I recommend Janine at Blossom Doula Care

10. Keritane is a fantastic organisation that supports new mums. I did their circle of security program and they helped me massively when I was suffering from depression when my son turned 1.

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