Get to Know Your Fertile Mucus

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Yes I did just say that.

Once you understand the fertile signs that your body is showing you via your vaginal discharge you can know the best time to make love in order to maximise your chances of conception.

What do I need to look for?

Fertile mucus feels slippery and is pretty abundant.

You feel wet in your pants at times during the day.

If you touch the mucus it can be stretched between thumb and finger.

It looks a bit like the same consistency as raw egg white and is usually clear in colour.

Once this appears, your body is telling you that you are highly fertile and this is a great day to make love.

The mucus often stays around for a good few days giving you more opportunity to make love.

Why is fertile mucus important?

Outside of ovulation sperm does not survive as the vulva is an acidic environment for the sperm. 

Fertile mucus nourishes and protects the sperm and even creates channels to help transport the sperm to meet the egg. 

Sperm can survive between 3-5 days in fertile mucus.

Fertile mucus V ovulation tests?

Ovulation tests restrict love making to a certain day whilst the mucus can be present for a few days so it gives you more opportunity to have intercourse.

Check out the Billings Ovulation Method – this goes more in depth and helps you to chart and understand your mucus and your menstrual cycle.

Being in tune with your body will help you on your fertility journey

Fertility massage helps to strengthen the mind body connection and most importantly connects you to your womb space.

Helps to balance hormones by bringing the body into a para-sympathetic state and reducing stress.

If you are trying to conceive naturally I would love to help you on your journey. If you are Sydney based book in via this link and I look forward to seeing you soon xox

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