A letter to my womb

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Have you ever considered writing a letter to your womb?

I know it sounds a bit crazy. However it is a great manifestation tool for women who are on a fertility journey or a healing journey.

The womb is our seat of creativity. It is where our sacral chakra is located. This energy is all about new life and new beginnings.

Using our creative writing skills to tap into the depth of our soul and connect to our womb through written word is a powerful tool.

Plan a time to do this.

Make yourself a nice environment. Perhps burn some essential oils such as tangerine or peppermint. Play some ambient music. Get a cup of tea.

Ground your energy for 5 -10 mins by placing your hands on your womb, closing your eyes and deep breathing into your womb. Set your intention to dive deep into your soul and tell your womb your highest intentions and ask what you need to write.

Then just start writing.

Here is the letter that I wrote just before my first and only egg donor transfer in October 2016.

I am now blessed with a beautiful healthy son.

I found it very therapeutic to write this letter and to read it over and over in the upcoming months before my transfer.

Your dreams can come true. Miracles can happen.

Wishing you love and manifestation magneticism

Adele xox

31 August 2016

Dear beautiful womb,

I realised that I have neglected you so much over the years. I am so sorry.

I am now willing and ready to reconnect to your amazing wisdom and power.

I know that you have forgiven me for any neglect and disconnection and that you just ask that I trust in you.

My dear womb I do trust in you very much.

Dear womb I am ready to bear a child into this world.

I pledge to you that I will do all that I can to nourish, cleanse and give you as much love as possible in the next few months so that you feel able to in turn nourish and make a beautiful warm space for an embryo to grow.

I am asking you to nurture this sacred embryo so that it may grow to it’s highest potential as a healthy baby.

I am so grateful that I have regular periods and that my hormones are all working well. My body is strong and fit.

I am very happy with my weight and I am healthy and ready to bear a child.

My body craves the rite of passage to become the woman that I am meant to be, a mother to you my child my baby Maya.

My gorgeous husband Dean and I have decided to enlist the help of a beautiful young donor who will provide us with a healthy egg and along with Deans healthy sperm we will create healthy embryos that will be implanted inside your warm, nourishing space.

I am working with you to help create that space and have been communicating with you through meditation.

It has been good to hear your wisdom and encouragement.

Thank you my darling friend.

I gave you a castor oil pack last night that will help to cleanse and nourish you with warmth and circulation.

I noticed today that there is more stagnant lining coming away so I am pleased and will continue to do these packs regularly.

I have some yoni steams winging their way to me which will provide more relaxation and healing properties from the herbs.

Regular fertility massages have been helping to re align you, provide lots of circulation and help to connect and release any blockages from my past and ancestral line.

I have been nurturing myself with healthy food, good sources of protein and I love avocados because they look just like you my dear womb.

I know they will provide lots of great nutrients for you and my growing baby.

There are a few stressful things in my life dear womb. However I am taking care of myself with regular self-care and speaking to a counsellor.

I imagine you holding my beautiful baby within a luscious and nourishing placenta and how my belly blooms and grows like a beautiful full moon.

I feel the tiny kicks and whisper words of love, of happiness of hope that is forever a secret between us and our beautiful baby.

Words, thoughts and prayers that will only be known amongst us but part of my baby forever.

I trust in the universe.

I trust in my body.

I trust my womb wisdom.

When the time is right for all of our highest good, my baby soul will thrive and grow in my womb.

And so it is.


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