Self-care is not..

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Pushing through continuously until you actually fall on your face!

Do you push and push and push yourself? 

Giving to others. 

Striving to fit it all in? 

Sometimes our lives can be so busy that you literally forget about yourself. 

I put my hand up. I used to be dreadful at this. I learnt my lesson and am getting better.

When we don’t stop to give back to ourselves some drastic stuff can happen. 

We start to burn out.

A domino effect starts to occur as we push push push through our days.

Firstly you become tired.

Secondly you drink more coffee to overcome the tiredness

Adrenalin and cortisol start to take over your body

Your sleep becomes impacted.

Insomnia can start to occur.

You drink more coffee and keep on pushing through

Then you might just have an accident like I did. 

I fell on my face literally and had to stop.

I was out exercising and stopped for a coffee when I was a few steps from home on the last leg.

Why did I need that coffee?

I was exhausted and yet I kept on pushing through it.

I wasn’t focussing on what I was doing and I tripped over a small imperfection in the pavement and went flying.

I landed on my face and it wasn’t pretty.

Thankfully I avoided any serious injury and just needed to rest at home in bed. For a good week.

Then I finally realised how much this Mama needed some rest. 

I was forced to rest in bed as my body healed. 

My body was too sore to work and too sore to do much of anything.

Nothing was broken and I was extremely lucky.

Have you had instances like this where you are suddenly forced to stop and take care of you?

As soon as my face was healed enough to lie in a massage face hole. I was there.

It. Was. Heaven.

And. I. Rebooked.

I have now vowed to myself to ALWAYS keep up the self-care. 

In sharing my story and my (looking rather sorry for myself) face, I hope that this may be a gentle reminder to book yourself some self-care.

Like me, you so deserve it.

So how can I ensure that massage is a regular part of my self-care routine?

Commiting to regular massage is a great way to invest in self-care and keep your cup full so that you can care for others.

Decide when is a good time for you to get a massage, try out a local massage therapist that can accomodate your time.

Consider whether it is easy to get to the therapist, parking, travel time.

When it will best fit into your routine?

On a Friday once a month or every Tuesday morning after school drop off? Perhaps it suits you better to find a mobile therapist?

Tips for best value massage

Find out if they offer a pack of massage hours.

This will save you money and ensure that you stick with your routine.

Book your treatments in advance in order to lock in the time and day that suits you best.

You will feel so good knowing that you have regular self care diarised.

After a few months of regular massage routine you will definitely feel the benefit in all aspects of your life.

Regular self-care is the best medical insurance that you can buy. Looking after your mind and body will in the long term reduce your medical bill.

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Hello, I’m Adele O’Connor.

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