Remedial Massage

“My love, the most important thing you can do for the people that depend on you is to look after you.

If your self-care cup is full then you are able to give wholeheartedly to others.” (note to myself)

Adele O’Connor

You are constantly giving to others and are exhausted. You need time out for yourself. You are feeling stressed about the global pandemic. You have big changes to deal with in your life and are finding it hard.

I hear you. There are massive shifts occurring in our world right now that are shaking our very foundations.

Nurture Mama Remedial Massage

How does Nurture Mama Massage differ from regular remedial massage?

  • Your emotional, physical and spiritual needs will be discussed and a bespoke massage provided.
  • Your upmost comfort is ensured throughout your treatment.
  • You will be guided to release any emotional blockages that you are experiencing.
  • Guided meditation can be used to help your mindset if desired.
  • You will leave feeling nurtured and restored.

Guided Meditation Massage

What is Guided Meditation Massage?

  • There is no hands off time. You are guided in meditation whilst your therapist massages you.
  • Pure bliss, intuitive touch, massaging your aches and pains away with helpful imagery to release pain and tension.
  • Think a mix of remedial and relaxation. Can still focus on your aches and pains whilst incorporating 20 mins of guided meditation.

Guided meditation and massage has a great impact on lowering stress. When we allow ourself to be stressed it produces cortisol in our body and shuts down parts of our brain. This leaves us feeling negative and unhappy. The chemical reaction caused by stress produces an increase in adrenaline and cortisol. This in turn affects our nervous system and our breathing. It puts us into fight and flight mode increasing our blood pressure and breathing pattern. This can become the new norm for some which in time leads to dis-ease, anxiety and depression.

How can we change a pattern of dis-ease and anxiety?

  • Regular massage and meditation will lower stress levels. Combined together it is a super charged relaxation experience.
  • We can simply slow down our breathing (happens during a relaxing massage) and help to bring balance to the body.
  • Allow yourself to be guided in meditation and thoughts of gratitude. These simple acts can change the chemical reaction in our body.

Try this massage if..

  • You never get time to meditate.
  • You don’t know how to meditate or where to start.
  • You want to get into the habit of meditation.
  • You want to super charge your massage experience.

How often should I book massage for myself?

Minimum every month for regular self-care, keep your emotional cup full so that you can continue to care for the special people in your life.

Feel fantastic and keep stress at bay buy getting regular massage every fortnight. Great to using during pregnancy trimesters and fertility preparation.

If you have a particular issue you that you need to work on such as muscular imbalance, acute stress. Please book in weekly.

Gift Vouchers Available

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Men referred by existing clients are welcome to book in.

Whilst my focus is on women’s health, the man in your life is absolutely welcome to book in.