Sydney Massage Therapist

This is for you if..

This coaching is designed for you if seeing those two pink lines on a pregnancy stick does not bring you unequivical joy but instead a myriad of conflicted emotions.

This is for you if want to:

  • Feel joy about your pregnancy journey rather than stress and anxiety
  • Put your emotional and mental wellbeing at the heart of your pregnancy to parenthood journey
  • Prepare yourself for the changes and challenges that come with the joy of a new baby 
  • No longer self sabotage your inner peace with the thoughts in your head 
  • Heal yourself from the trauma of your difficult fertility journey, baby loss, loss of a partner. Parent or loved one and any other additional stress 
  • And heaps more 🙂




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‘Pregnant to Parent’ coaching program

A mind and body transformation in nine sessions or picked up depending on where you are on your motherhood journey.

Blooming – Five sessions to help you feel emotionally ready for ‘Birth, Breastfeeding and Parenting’.

Birthing – Two sessions to teach you how to have the best birth possible no matter what life throws your way.

Bonding – Two sessions to help prepare you for the balancing act of parenting.


AUD 3,467

Payment Plan

AUD 434 x 8 fortnightly payments

Singular Coaching Session

AUD 397

1 x 90 mins online coaching

What Do I Get?

  • 9 x 90 mins coaching sessions live with me via zoom
  • Your own client portal where you can access all of your info in one place.
  • An in depth 90 page printable Family Journal/workbook that is jam packed with amazing info and exercises for you to complete.
  • Hypnotherapy based guided meditations helping you with pregnancy and birth.
  • 9 Handbooks that offer deeper explanation of each session, to really help solidify your inner transformation.

Bonuses To Enhance Your Experience

  • Unlimited access to Voxer Mon-Fri 9-5pm over the 20 week period
  • Pregnancy mindfulness colouring and affirmation ebook
  • Mindful Mama Self-Care Guide ebook with 30 day planner