IVF Support Massage

“My wish is to provide you with support as you move through the important transitions and challenges of womanhood”

Adele O’Connor

Supporting You

Your brain is foggy. Feeling tired, but restless at night.

Nobody knows that you are going through IVF.

Your relationship is suffering. You are obsessing about TTC. Your life is on hold. You are isolating yourself. You are trying so hard to do everything right.

IVF Support Massage can help you;

  • Nourish your reproductive organs and womb
  • Detox your liver
  • Shift negative emotions
  • Energetically deepen the connection to your womb

What is IVF Support Massage?

It’s a form of Fertility Massage specifically tailored to help soothe your body and support you emotionally during your IVF cycle.

IVF can be an exciting journey but can take it’s toll on every aspect of your life when you are not successful.

 Massage is tailored to each stage of your cycle whether you are using own eggs/ sperm or donor eggs/sperm or both. 

 Going through IVF can be incredibly isolating and make you feel like your life is in limbo waiting for a BFP. The constant anxiety of highs and lows takes it toll on the adrenals.

Allow your nervous system to be restored and your spirit to be soothed.

Be Supported

Having struggled with infertility personally, I strongly recommend finding a support person or crew to get you through the journey.

Infertility is isolating. If you are in a relationship it can create enormous pressure. If you are using donor egg or sperm or both as a solo parent it can be a huge amount of pressure to bare alone.

There are a range of different complimentary therapies that can assist with the emotional stress and help to prepare the body.

Fertility Massage is an excellent support as well as acupunture; reiki; emotional freedom technique; and counselling. The main thing is to find a therapist that resonates with you.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you all of the way.

Adele xox