Do you use a table with a hole in it for pregnancy massage?

No we prefer to use a very stable electronic massage table and support you in either the side lying position or using a pregnancy massage pillow system. The table is electronic, making access very easy.

Can I lie on my tummy whilst having a massage?

There is the option of using the pregnancy pillow system that has an indent for early stages of pregnancy up to approximately 15 weeks. However once you get past the early second trimester the side lying technique is the safest and most effective technique.

Is there any risk that pregnancy massage could cause a miscarriage?

No – be rest assured that you are receiving massage from a fully qualified Pregnancy Massage Australia practitioner. As a NutureLife® practitioner we are trained in safe techniques and know how best to care for you. You are welcome to book a massage from week 1 to week 40.

How long should I set aside for a pregnancy massage?

When you first book in for a pregnancy massage the initial consult takes 75 mins. After that it is up to you whether you choose 60 mins or 90 mins massage?

How regularly should I book a pregnancy massage?

I recommend that you book your massage in fortnightly or weekly and just after your next doctor/midwife/specialist appointment is best.

What sort of oil can you use with pregnancy massage?

A range of organic NurtureLife® aromatherapy oils are specifically blended for each trimester.

Do you provide health fund rebates?

Yes we are covered for all health fund rebates.

Are you a registered practitioner?

Yes your therapist Adele O’Connor is registered with Pregnancy Massage Australia as well as being registered with all health funds.